Beyond God

Beyond God

A scientist's search for the meaning of life in the 21st century

A scientist’s decade-long journey through Eastern and Western philosophy and religion inspired by the dramatic changes in modern science.


Beyond God is the product of a scientist’s decade-long journey through Eastern and Western philosophy and religion inspired by the dramatic changes in modern science. Beginning from the perspective of secular Western atheism and believing the world is largely as we see it, the author considers the nature of reality more deeply: what science really tells us, what that means for religion and philosophy, and what that implies for how we choose to live. The result is an exploration of the key ideas in religion and philosophy that are compatible with recent scientific developments, which form the basis for a synthesis of Eastern and Western thought on the path to happiness. Beyond God considers the purpose of existence, what science really means for our view of the ‘meaning of life’, and how we should live it.


“Beyond God: A Scientist's Search For the Meaning of Life in the 21st Century” by Emmanuel Papadakis (Iff Books) — After earning a biochemistry degree, this British author, now a pharmaceutical equity analyst, realized he “had no idea of life's real purpose” and “had made no real effort to discover if there might be one,” he writes at That realization prompted a decade-long exploration — while he earned a doctorate in cardiovascular gene therapy — of “every major religion and philosophy ... to understand what teachings they contained that could be reconciled with modern scientific understanding.” He calls the book “a distillation of that journey” — his own take on what's most useful for guiding one's life. His account of finding commonalities among the secular Western perspective with which he began and the Western and Eastern religions and philosophies he explored provides readers interested in matters beyond today's headlines with plenty of food for thought. Read more: ~ Alan Wallace, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Emmanuel Papadakis
Emmanuel Papadakis Emmanuel holds a biochemistry degree from Imperial College London and PhD in cardiovascular genetics from Bristol University. After several ...
Punk Science by Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Punk Science

Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Pandeism: An Anthology by Knujon Mapson

Pandeism: An Anthology

Knujon Mapson

An anthology of exceptional essays and articles addressing the revolutionary theological theory of Pandeism.

Fall, The (new edition with Afterword) by Steve Taylor

Fall, The (new edition with Afterword)

Steve Taylor

New edition of the bestselling classic.

Case for Polytheism, The by Steven Dillon

Case for Polytheism, The

Steven Dillon

Polytheism is very much a reasonable position nowadays, and The Case for Polytheism explains why.

Impossible Happens, The by Imants Barušs

Impossible Happens, The

Imants Barušs

A professor of psychology dreams about future events, leading to startling discoveries about energy healing and communicating with the dead.

Science Myth, The by Dominique Chu

Science Myth, The

Dominique Chu

The scientific method is often assumed to provide particularly secure knowledge...but, how can we be sure?

Atheism Reclaimed by Patrick O'Connor

Atheism Reclaimed

Patrick O'Connor

A Lament for the Soul of Atheism. Real Atheism for Real Atheists.

New Philosophy of Universalism, The by Nicholas Hagger

New Philosophy of Universalism, The

Nicholas Hagger

New Philosophy of Universalism by Nicholas Hagger challenges the Dawkins-neoDarwinist view of a random universe in favour of an ordered bio-friendly one.

On Being Human by Michael N. Marsh

On Being Human

Michael N. Marsh

A study of human beings – our origins, status, beginnings and endings. It asks what is entailed in being human?

Thinker's Guide to God by Peter Christian Vardy

Thinker's Guide to God

Peter Christian Vardy

An introduction to key issues in the philosophy of religion.

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