Case for Polytheism, The

Case for Polytheism, The

Polytheism is very much a reasonable position nowadays, and The Case for Polytheism explains why.


The philosophy of religion has been dominated by monotheists and atheists for centuries now. But, polytheism deserves to be restored to its respected position, and The Case for Polytheism sets out some reasons why. By developing a notion of godhood and employing a set of novel and neglected arguments, the author constructs a rigorous but accessible case for the existence of multiple gods.


Gentle and respectful, and at the same time rigorously logical, Dillon's argument shows why philosophers, theologians, and thinking people of all kinds, should take polytheism seriously. If future generations say that pagan philosophers made a comeback in the 21st century, they shall say Dillon was among the first, and among the best. ~ Brendan Myers, author of The Earth, The Gods, and The Soul: A History of Pagan Philosophy

For centuries now, most discussions of deity in the Western world have pretended that the only avaliable choices are one god or none at all, in an attempt to erase the oldest and most widely embraced option in world religions -- polytheism, belief in many gods. Steven Dillon's new study The Case for Polytheism is a thoughtful and incisive exploration of polytheist belief as a live option for modern people. ~ John Michael Greer, author of A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism

Steven Dillon
Steven Dillon Steven Dillon has been writing philosophical treatises for over five years, spending time in a Roman Catholic seminary where he majored in p...
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