Karma of Everyday Life, The

Karma of Everyday Life, The

A logical exploration of the law of karma

Why do bad things happen to good people?


Karma is an Eastern word that has now entered the Western lexicon. Most people are familiar with the idea yet, paradoxically, few understand it. It is a vast, subtle and all-encompassing concept. It affects us all; it is one of the prime influences on our life’s journey. An understanding of Karma can be of benefit to each of us as individuals, and possibly to mankind as a whole. But it must be an understanding based on reason and honesty, not on fear or a desire for comfort.


Extremely well-written, with a clear and simple style... An exceptionally insightful work... Throws a new light on the perennial philosophy and the concept of karma. ~ Alistair Shearer

David  Lacey
David Lacey David Lacey has been an engineer in the oil industry for over 30 years. He studied Western Philosophy at college and has taken a lifelong in...

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