Meaning in Absurdity

Meaning in Absurdity

What bizarre phenomena can tell us about the nature of reality

A compelling and eloquent articulation of a future when humanity will transcend logic and find profound meaning in the absurd.


This book is an experiment. Inspired by the bizarre and uncanny, it is an attempt to use logic to expose the illogical foundations of logic; an attempt to use science to peek beyond the limits of science; an attempt to use rationality to lift the veil off the irrational. Its ways are unconventional: weaving along its path one finds UFOs and fairies, quantum mechanics, analytic philosophy, history, mathematics, and depth psychology. The enterprise of constructing a coherent story out of these incommensurable disciplines is exploratory. But if the experiment works, at the end all these disparate threads will come together to unveil a startling scenario about the nature of reality and our condition within it. The payoff is handsome: a reason for hope, a boost for the imagination, and the promise of a meaningful future. But it does not come for free: this book may confront some of your dearest notions about truth and reason. Yet, one cannot dismiss its conclusions lightly, because the evidence it compiles and the philosophy it leverages are solid in the orthodox, academic sense.


As in his two previous mind-stretching books, Rationalist Spirituality and Dreamed-Up Reality, Kastrup pursues a speculative but credible cosmology in which he creates a practicable cohesion of seemingly disparate disciplines and phenomena, and confirms his status as one of the most original and far-sighted thinkers in science and philosophy today. Meaning in Absurdity leaves us with a world-view where logic is itself a construction of the mind, and rationality a veneer over an 'unfathomable core of the unformed', the meaningful non-rational, the domain of the imagination. Coming to terms with this might be the greatest existential challenge the human race has ever faced, but one that Kastrup believes could represent the greatest opportunity ever to shape our own existence, an opportunity to 'remould the very fabric of reality and truth'. ~ Geoff Ward, Suite

Bernardo Kastrup
Bernardo Kastrup Bernardo Kastrup has a Ph.D. in computer engineering with specializations in artificial intelligence and reconfigurable computing. He has wo...
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