Mind Before Matter

Mind Before Matter

Challenging the Materialist Model of Reality


Materialism is the dominant world view in the West today. But it is not the only one, and it does not work. It is even, ironically, being undermined by the science that gave rise to it. Containing the last unpublished writing of Pullitzer prize-winning author and scholar, John Mack, this anthology from key figures in the world of science and consciousness studies sketches the framework for a new model of reality- the one that may replace materialism. It is not only the model that may be more correct, but the one necessary for survival on this planet. "Mind Before Matter" represents the first concerted salvo in a debate that could affect the worldview held by the modern, dominant materialist culture. Contributors are John Mack, Trish Pfeiffer and Paul Devereux together with Amit Goswami, Larry Dossey, Ervin Laslo, Sevyed Hossein Nasr, Elisabet Sahtouris, Richard Tarnas and Hank Wesselman.


Cutting edge and required reading for everyone engaged in trying to figure out where we, as a species, go from here. eloquently and clearly argued, the writers demonsrate that the full force of the implications of quantum mechanics, and new ideas emerging from numerous disciplines, including physics, is finally coming to bear. The bottom line, as the title says, is that we are realising that before matter there is mind-or, if you prefer, consciousness precedes creation. The editors and essayists are no lightweights and their thinking and writing is of the highest quality. Powerful, persuasive and pertinent, this one if for those either ready to hep forge the new, transformational paradigm of thinking and being, or those still searching for answers. ~ , Odyssey

The essays in this important volume provide a convergent series of arguments and perspectives that help the reader bulid up the implications of a world-view based on the primacy of consciousness. The elements of this rising culture are all in place but we have yet to reach a tipping point in society where the key propositions in this book are regarded as self-evident.books like this contribute to a more general raising of awareness and corresponding realisation of the necessity of a shift in worldview. ~ , Network Review

Surely this is one of the most important books of the early twenty-first century, especially if it helps to expand the views of those academics obsessed with scientism and its materialist world-view. ~ Howard Jones, on Amazon

An interesting collection of essays from a roster of noted individuals. ~ The Beacon

Mind Before Matter is a series of essays and articles written about the potentials of science and religion. Many of these pieces look to use science in new ways to move past the local, finite world of science into further exploration of the nonlocal nature of the subconscious. All invite the reader to look past the normal one dimensional way of thinking to investigate the potentials of the subconscious, the mind, and the spirit. Mind Before Matter presents some very intriguing insight into the possibilities of science and the subconscious. While not really light reading, I do highly suggest tackling this compilation to anyone remotely interested in this subject. It’s well worth the effort. ~ Tami Brady - TCM reviews

Paul Devereux
Paul Devereux Co-editor and initiator of the anthology, Trish Pfeiffer, was co-chair with John Mack in the Center for Psychology and Social Change. She wa...
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