New Paradigm - A Spiritual Scientific Cosmology, The

New Paradigm - A Spiritual Scientific Cosmology, The

Utilizing Twelve Fundamental Archetype at Base of the Laws of Physics

For those of you who want to know who and what you are and what your relationship is to the universe and its source.


People worldwide are questioning the materialistic, mechanistic scientific pradigm that has been the dominant cosmology for the past one hundred years or so. The purpose of The New Paradigm is to provide a philosophical foundation for a spiritual cosmology that can incorporate both modern science and ancient wisdom. This is a paradigm that many have hoped would arise to usher in the predicted New Age of elevated spiritual awareness and understanding.
The New Paradigm offers insights into the nature of people and their relationship to the one universal Spirit they have called God. This philosophical treatise makes a strong case to the effect that people are created from the substance of Spirit and hence are powerful spiritual beings who have forgotten their true nature and origin.


"At a time in human history when interest in organized religion declines while individual commitment to a 'spiritual life' continues to grow, Sharon Miller's book offers a fresh perspective on life's greatest mysteries: who God is and why we are here. Lovers of philosophy and those committed to a reflective lifestyle will find in this book a transforming vision of life fit for a more enlightened future. If you want to get serious about your purpose in this life and who God is (and isn't), consider this book as a good place to start and move forward." ~ Karol Jackowski, author

“This is a fascinating book because it manages to combine material from so many different sources: the natural and social sciences, philosophy (both ancient and modern), theology (e.g., a panentheism in which God is the 'soul' of the world and the world the 'body' of God), even archetypes derived from nature-astrology. Whether all this fits together perfectly is ultimately less important than that its originality and creativity will make readers of the book think furiously about what makes sense not only on a theoretical basis but more practically in terms of their personal spirituality." ~ Joseph A. Bracken, S.J., Author

“To the skeptic, the integration of astrology and science seems to be the ultimate absurdity. Ironically, however, there is a delicate interplay between the ridiculous and the sublime. My own mentor, Arthur M. Young, spent two decades in the workshop where he invented the first helicopter to receive a commercial license -- the Bell Model 47. Only then did he feel he had earned the right to explore the realms of cosmology that are the subject of Sharon Miller's book. The result of his profound thinking is published in his classic text, The Geometry of Meaning. Others have also paved the way for such exploration, including the great sociologist, Theodore Roszak, in his pamphlet Why Astrology Endures. Roszak pointed out that astrology, like Sanskrit, is a language of the soul. Sharon Miller's approach to understanding the deeper meaning of astrology builds upon both ancient philosophy and modern science. Her work deserves to be studied and remembered as a contribution of lasting value for those who choose to grapple with sublime paradoxes.” ~ Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, Author

Sharon Ann Miller
Sharon Ann Miller Sharon Miller has degrees in science, social work and philosophy, including a minor in linguistics and a master’s in philosophy. While in ...
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