No Time and Nowhere

No Time and Nowhere

A Non-Physical World Behind this One

Why believe in an immaterial world behind this one? Probably because there is one.


Why do so many people believe in an Invisible World behind this one? Scientists a parallel universe? Religions an afterlife? Others ‘just something'? Perhaps for observations we cannot explain?
Some are psychological, e.g. the nature, storage, and conveyance of the information implicit in 'ghosts', hunches, premonitions and hypnosis; and some are material – the behaviour of particles on a very small scale in physics laboratories. Each hints at spatial or temporal derangement.
Space and Time are the indivisible foundations of physics. Everything that exists has a location and duration; physics concerns nothing without both. We can suppose the universe bound not by a physical framework of space-time but as containing within itself all Space and all Time - with a little more besides.
Another world is not a baseless idea.


Subtitled ‘a nonphysical world behind this one’, this book takes the reader on a journey through both psychological and material instances of nonphysical manifestations, the latter involving experiments in quantum physics. The main body of the book is devoted to a consideration of well attested apparitions (which the author terms hallucinations, implying that at that level there is nothing actually there) and precognitions. He gives succinct accounts of many cases and discusses the implications in the course of making a case for a nonphysical world beyond space and time. The first category of apparitions concerns principally space, while the second involves time. Here he could have distinguished between cases that seem like imprints and others suggesting real agency. Those familiar with the literature will realise that these cases have to be taken seriously as an indication of the underlying nature of reality, while those new to the field will find ample evidence for the author’s argument. He goes into the dream state and discusses the nature of imagery and imaging, including some cases of foreknowledge about post-mortem events. It is a thorough and logical treatment justifying his hypothesis ‘that there exists an ambiance influencing aspects of the physical world that is outside time and space.’ By his own admission, there is much more theoretical work to be done the cases discussed demand an explanation along the lines he suggests. ~ David Lorimer, Network Review

Fergus Hinds
Fergus Hinds Fergus Hinds was born in East Africa and lived there until he was thirteen. He spent ten years in the Royal Navy as a hydrographic surveyor,...
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