Rationalist Spirituality

Rationalist Spirituality

An exploration of the meaning of life and existence informed by logic and science

A book where all aspects of existence find a logical reason, leading to insightful guidelines for living a purposeful life.


Why does the universe exist and what are you supposed to do in it? This question has been addressed by religions since time immemorial, but popular answers often fail to account for obvious aspects of reality. Indeed, if God knows everything, why do we need to learn through pain and suffering? If God is omnipotent, why are we needed to do good? If the universe is fundamentally good, why are wars, crime, and injustice all around us? In modern society, orthodox science takes the rational high-ground and tackles these contradictions by denying the very need for, and the existence of, meaning. Indeed, many of us implicitly accept the notion that rationality somehow contradicts spirituality. That is a modern human tragedy, not only for its insidiousness, but for the fact that it is simply not true. In this book, the author constructs a coherent and logical argument for the meaning of existence, informed by science itself. A framework is laid out wherein all aspects of human existence have a logical, coherent reason and role, including the ones often perceived as negative. The powerful logic of this framework inescapably leads to insightful and inspiring guidelines for living a purposeful and meaningful life.


In a mere hundred pages, in his remarkable book, Rationalist Spirituality, Bernardo Kastrup offers a profoundly persuasive explanation of the meaning of life and existence. He makes an outstanding contribution to consideration of the biggest and oldest of questions affecting the human species, not least because of the lucidity and succinctness of his argument.

~ Geoff Ward, www.suite101.com/content/scientist-offers-solution-to-the-puzzle-of-the-meaning-of-life-a366947

Bernardo Kastrup is very much alive to the significance of 'cosmic consciousness', and his book is an outstanding achievement - one of the best I've read on the perennial question of the meaning of life and existence. It's concise, running to just over a hundred pages, clear, jargon-free and deftly argued. 

~ Geoff Ward, www.mysteriousplanet.net

Rationalist Spirituality by Bernardo Kastrup is a must have for any Skeptic Mystic. This book is a sharp knife that cuts straight to the point. The author is honest, original and no nonsense.

~ Monticue Connally, Society of Skeptics and Mystics, http://www.amazon.com/Rationalist-Spirituality-exploration-existence-informed/product-reviews/1846944074

"Rationalist Spirituality" is a succinct yet cogent and well organized consideration of the nature of consciousness and the purpose of existence. In sum, this book provides as clear and effective a discussion in this general vein as is likely to be found, and more than fulfills the promise of it's title.

~ George L. Vockroth, http://www.amazon.com/Rationalist-Spirituality-exploration-existence-informed/product-reviews/1846944074

This book provides straight to-the-point step by step analysis to the subject. The way [the author] writes is engaging and interactive and keeps the readers on the edge of their seats. At the same time, the book makes you think deeply about the subject, much more than most books these days. Overall, this book was great and one that I would recommend to any and all! 

~ Review editor, Dad of Divas, http://dadofdivas-reviews.blogspot.com/2011/04/book-review-rationalist-spirituality.html

Rationalist Spirituality provides much to think about on human existence, and our greater place in a scientific yet faithful world.

~ Margaret Lane, Midwest Book Review, http://www.midwestbookreview.com/rbw/jun_11.htm#margaret

An interesting and well written book.

~ Christine Hacklett, Renew

"For those of us who have been dealing with philosophy, religion, metaphysics, ... this book comes as a refreshing and valuable asset in trying to help us explain our concerns and our interests to others who are more scientific and logically minded ... Bernardo Kastrup has done us all an important favor in approaching these issues from a strictly rational standpoint ... In a brilliant leap of courage and clarity, he takes us, step-by-step, through his logic."

~ Alan Glassman, New Dawn Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2011 issue, www.newdawnmagazine.com

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