Rise and Fall of Civilizations, The

Rise and Fall of Civilizations, The

Why civilizations rise and fall and what happens when they end

The pattern of world history: 25 civilizations rise round a vision of the Light which passes into their religion, and go through 61 stages.


The Rise and Fall of Civilizations is a sequel to The Light of Civilization, the most monumental study of the history of civilizations for several generations, where Nicholas Hagger describes religion as the basis for civilization rather than one element in its cultural expression. Saints, mystics, gurus, prophets, religious founders- it is these that drive history rather than kings and politicians.

Here, he outlines the patterns of the civilizations themselves, providing a unique interpretation of the dynamics of their origin, rise and collapse, and how one civilization leads into the next. Essential reading for students of history, it will interest all seeking to understand historical patterns and where our civilization is headed today.

Nicholas Hagger
Nicholas Hagger Nicholas Hagger is a poet, man of letters, cultural historian and philosopher. He has lectured in English Literature at the University of Ba...
Fall, The by Steve Taylor

Fall, The

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Light of Civilization, The by Nicholas Hagger

Light of Civilization, The

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Syndicate, The by Nicholas Hagger

Syndicate, The

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Sheep by Alan Butler


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Malcolm Hollick

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Holes In The Whole

Introduction to the Urban Revolutions

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