Impossible Happens, The

Impossible Happens, The

A Scientist's Personal Discovery of the Extraordinary Nature of Reality

A professor of psychology dreams about future events, leading to startling discoveries about energy healing and communicating with the dead.


After decades of analyzing his dreams, a professor of psychology finds that some of them anticipate future events. Not only does he dream the exact day of the year on which one of his books is accepted for publication, but he learns how to use these dreams to create better outcomes in his life. Working with a medium for his research as well as in the classroom, he finds that the medium often gets correct information to which she does not have any ordinary access during apparent conversations with the dead. As his experiments continue to meet with surprising results, the author comes to accept the idea that reality is much more interesting than conventional science has led us to believe.


Imants Baruss is not claiming that the logically impossible happens. He doesn’t claim to have found a round square, for example, or a colorless blue disk. But he does claim to have experienced some things that seem to be physically impossible – things such as dreaming of a future event before it happens, healing someone at a distance through mental imagery, curing a lesion on his own liver by analyzing his dreams, and communicating with dead people. It is perfectly reasonable to be skeptical about such claims. What is so effective about the approach Imants takes in this book is that he shows that it is also perfectly reasonable to be open-minded about these claims, for he describes his experiences and explains his thinking about them in a way that is consistent with the basic principle of empiricism: try it and see for yourself. ~ Jack Call, Ph.D, Professor of Philosophy, Citrus College, author of God is a Symbol of Something True

"Sometimes the most convincing and meaningful data come not from the university laboratory but from the laboratory of personal life. Dr. Imants Baruss practices the integration of academic and self-science in an inspiring and compelling manner. This book stunningly illustrates how the trained scientific mind can help reveal the seemingly impossible in everyday life." ~ Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Medicine at the University of Arizona, author of THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS and THE SACRED PROMISE.

Imants Barušs
Imants Barušs Imants Barušs obtained an interdisciplinary BSc from the University of Toronto, a MSc in mathematics from the University of Calgary, and Ph...
Is There an Afterlife? by David Fontana

Is There an Afterlife?

David Fontana

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Beyond God by Emmanuel Papadakis

Beyond God

Emmanuel Papadakis

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Science Myth, The by Dominique Chu

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Integration: The Power of Being Co-Active in Work and Life by Ann G Betz, Karen Kimsey-House

Integration: The Power of Being Co-Active in Work and Life

Ann G Betz
Karen Kimsey-House

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Psychosynthesis Made Easy by Stephanie June Sorrell

Psychosynthesis Made Easy

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Psychosynthesis is known as psychology with a soul. It works from the level of the ego to the Spirit.

Ripening Time by Sherry Ruth Anderson

Ripening Time

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Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality by Itai Ivtzan

Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality

Itai Ivtzan

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Psychology and Capitalism by Ron Roberts

Psychology and Capitalism

Ron Roberts

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Living Jainism by Aidan Rankin, Kanti V. Mardia

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Kanti V. Mardia

A radical new perspective on science rooted in intuitive awareness as much as deductive reasoning.

Less Dust the More Trust, The by Adeline van Waning, MD PhD

Less Dust the More Trust, The

Adeline van Waning, MD PhD

The inside-story of a woman participating in frontline meditation research, exploring the interfaces of mind-practice, science and psychology

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