Why Materialism Is Baloney

Why Materialism Is Baloney

How true skeptics know there is no death and fathom answers to life, the universe, and everything

A hard-nosed, logical, and skeptic non-materialist metaphysics according to which the body is in mind, not mind in the body.


The present framing of the cultural debate in terms of materialism versus religion has allowed materialism to go unchallenged as the only rationally-viable metaphysics. This book seeks to change this. It uncovers the absurd implications of materialism and then, uniquely, presents a hard-nosed non-materialist metaphysics substantiated by skepticism, hard empirical evidence, and clear logical argumentation. It lays out a coherent framework upon which one can interpret and make sense of every natural phenomenon and physical law, as well as the modalities of human consciousness, without materialist assumptions. According to this framework, the brain is merely the image of a self-localization process of mind, analogously to how a whirlpool is the image of a self-localization process of water. The brain doesn’t generate mind in the same way that a whirlpool doesn’t generate water. It is the brain that is in mind, not mind in the brain. Physical death is merely a de-clenching of awareness. The book closes with a series of educated speculations regarding the afterlife, psychic phenomena, and other related subjects.


Why Materialism Is Baloney is a must-read for its demonstration of the materialist fallacy through the conviction, clarity, persuasiveness and accessibility of its arguments, and for how it explains why the continuing physicalist scientific paradigm is really no longer tenable and offers a way out of an impasse which breeds only defeatism and the fallacy of human insignificance. ~ Geoff Ward, http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/17440724-why-your-world-isnt-what-it-seems-and-materialism-is-baloney

Bernardo Kastrup's book is another nail in the coffin of the superstition of materialism. With elegant clarity he explains that mind, brain & cosmos are what consciousness does. ~ Deepak Chopra, M.D., best-selling author

It's important that this message is widely disseminated. ~ Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., author of Science Set Free / The Science Delusion

Bernardo Kastrup takes a bold and brilliant step in the collective movement of humanity beyond the confines of current materialism and everything that it entails. Truly speaking, alternative worldviews to the current paradigm of a material universe and associated ontologies, including various religious kinds, classical Newtonian physics, economic systems based on external consumption, etc., are easily dismissed as they don’t fit current modern societal values. Yet, these ontologies may be rapidly leading us to major problems, including perhaps the demise of current “Western” societies. The hidden ontologies of an external, material universe, devoid of the dynamical, evolutionary role of consciousness are prevalent, all-consuming, and insidious. It is time to abandon them or at least see them as an aspect of reality but not the true reality. Bernardo Kastrup is brave and a true pioneer to show us why and how we should. ~ Menas Kafatos, Ph.D., Fletcher Jones Professor of Computational Physics, Chapman University. Author of 'The Conscious Universe: Parts and Wholes in Ph

Bernardo takes us on a journey to an alternative worldview, one that makes a great deal more sense than the scientistic one we are being spoon-fed through academia and the media. He expresses his ideas lucidly and constructively in a manner that does not lose their scientific and logical force. The truly ironic thing is that, in attacking the pretenses of scientistic materialism, Bernardo grounds himself in the latest and deepest understanding produced by science; one that scientistic materialism refuses to accept philosophically. I challenge you to read Bernardo Kastrup's prescription for what metaphysically ails you. You will be a wiser being for it. ~ Shogaku Zenshin Stephen Echard Musgrave Roshi, Director of the Zen Institute of San Diego, California, Foreword of this book

[Bernardo Kastrup is a] remarkable, intellectually diverse and energetic thinker. ... [A] turnabout in the way scientists conceive and interpret natural phenomena requires new interdisciplinary thinkers like Bernardo. ... [He] has brought a brand new way of seeing the ancient idea of ‘infinite mind.’ Although written in a personal and breezy tone, this book is a vast philosophical endeavor. It captures ‘big picture’ ideas in a manner accessible to a wider audience. ~ Rick Stuart, Ph.D., practicing psychotherapist, Afterword of this book

Bernardo Kastrup
Bernardo Kastrup Bernardo Kastrup has a Ph.D. in computer engineering with specializations in artificial intelligence and reconfigurable computing. He has wo...
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