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Western Philosophy Made Easy

A Personal Search for Meaning

Dennis Waite

Jul 2018

What can Western Philosophy tell us about purpose and meaning in our lives?

Dark Man, The

Deborah Wells

May 2010

Myth, magic and universal archetypes. Unravelling the truth about the terrifying Dark Man.

Philosophy of the Mind Made Easy

What do angels think about? Is God a deceiver? And other interesting questions considered

Deborah Wells

Oct 2011

Aims to turn you, the reader, into a philosopher of the mind.

Rationalist Spirituality

An exploration of the meaning of life and existence informed by logic and science

Bernardo Kastrup

Jan 2011

A book where all aspects of existence find a logical reason, leading to insightful guidelines for living a purposeful life.

Why Materialism Is Baloney

How true skeptics know there is no death and fathom answers to life, the universe, and everything

Bernardo Kastrup

Apr 2014

A hard-nosed, logical, and skeptic non-materialist metaphysics according to which the body is in mind, not mind in the body.

Logic of Enlightenment, The

A Cognitive Theory of Spirituality

Dave S. Henley

Nov 2015

In this ground-breaking book the meaning of enlightenment is made evident to the sceptical modern reader, in an intellectually convincing manner.

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