Echoes in Perspective_essays on architecture

A political voice to architecture and the architecture profession.

Citizens of the Broken Compass

Ethical and Religious Disorientation in the Age of Technology

This collection of essays aims at promoting dialogue between groups that have become polarized over issues such as: human rights, same-sex marriage and religion.

Brief Peeks Beyond

Critical essays on metaphysics, neuroscience, free will, skepticism and culture

An incisive, original, compelling alternative to current mainstream cultural views and assumptions.

Case for Polytheism, The

Polytheism is very much a reasonable position nowadays, and The Case for Polytheism explains why.

Vagabond Spirit of Poetry, The

Spend some time with the wisest poets of our age and the past to discover your spiritual potential.


Changing how you look at things changes how you see them

A punchy, upbeat guide to framespotting. Spot deceptions and hidden assumptions; swap growth for growing up; see and be free.

Atheism Reclaimed

A Lament for the Soul of Atheism. Real Atheism for Real Atheists.

Escape from Quantopia

Collective Insanity in Science and Society

An impassioned call to restore our integrity and sense of reality in a world reduced to numbers.

Why Materialism Is Baloney

How true skeptics know there is no death and fathom answers to life, the universe, and everything

A hard-nosed, logical, and skeptic non-materialist metaphysics according to which the body is in mind, not mind in the body.

Karma of Everyday Life, The

A logical exploration of the law of karma

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Beyond God

A scientist's search for the meaning of life in the 21st century

A scientist’s decade-long journey through Eastern and Western philosophy and religion inspired by the dramatic changes in modern science.

New Paradigm - A Spiritual Scientific Cosmology, The

Utilizing Twelve Fundamental Archetype at Base of the Laws of Physics

For those of you who want to know who and what you are and what your relationship is to the universe and its source.

Newer, More English Version, The

No god, no superstition, no worries.

Science Myth, The

God, society, the self and what we will never know.

The scientific method is often assumed to provide particularly secure knowledge...but, how can we be sure?

Impossible Happens, The

A Scientist's Personal Discovery of the Extraordinary Nature of Reality

A professor of psychology dreams about future events, leading to startling discoveries about energy healing and communicating with the dead.

Pneumatology of Matter

A new study of modern physical principles sheds light on the mind-body problem, freewill and other philosophical conundrums.

Embrace the Infinite

The Science of Spirituality

Learn how your inner geek can make you more spiritually fulfilled. Period.

Meaning in Absurdity

What bizarre phenomena can tell us about the nature of reality

A compelling and eloquent articulation of a future when humanity will transcend logic and find profound meaning in the absurd.

New Philosophy of Literature, A

The Fundamental Theme and Unity of World Literature: the Vision of the Infinite and the Universalist Literary Tradition

The fundamental theme of world literature has conflicting metaphysical and secular aspects which the Universalist tradition in literature combines, offering a new direction in contempo

Philosophy of the Mind Made Easy

What do angels think about? Is God a deceiver? And other interesting questions considered

Aims to turn you, the reader, into a philosopher of the mind.

Nothing Matters

a book about nothing

Thinking about Nothing opens the world to everything by illuminating new angles to old problems and stimulating new ways of thinking.


The Philosophy of the Sensuous Cosmos

Are free will and mind chimeras? This book, anti-materialistic but respecting science, answers, No! Mind is foundational to all existence.

Dreamed up Reality

Diving Into Mind to Uncover the Astonishing Hidden Tale of Nature

A mesmerizing journey into the unconscious, where one uncovers the unfathomable mechanisms underlying a fractal reality made of thought forms.

An Enlightened Philosophy

Can an Atheist Believe Anything?

Even an atheist world needs human values - religion interpreted as myth offers a classic contribution