In the Absence of Human Beauty

Philosophical Fragments

Matthew Alun Ray

Citizens of the Broken Compass

Ethical and Religious Disorientation in the Age of Technology

Jack E. Brush

Brief Peeks Beyond

Critical essays on metaphysics, neuroscience, free will, skepticism and culture

Bernardo Kastrup

Case for Polytheism, The

Steven Dillon


Changing how you look at things changes how you see them

Laurence & Alison Matthews

Atheism Reclaimed

Patrick O'Connor

Escape from Quantopia

Collective Insanity in Science and Society

Ted Dace

Why Materialism Is Baloney

How true skeptics know there is no death and fathom answers to life, the universe, and everything

Bernardo Kastrup

Pneumatology of Matter, David Gunn Sep 21 2015

Note on terminology ‘Pneumatology’, ‘pneumatism’ and ‘pneumatical’ derive from the Greek word πνεῦμα, which means a blowing or breath. In metaphysics and theology these words hav...

Destination of the Species - The Riddle of Human Existence Sep 8 2015

by Micheal Meacher What is the purpose of existence, and what are we here for? This book seeks to answer just that question. Government minister seeks meaning of life, the universe and everything ...

Black Holes by Dr. Manjir Samanta-Loughton Jul 15 2015

A mini adventure Since their discovery, microquasars have provided an opportunity to gain information about black holes. As England’s Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees says, “Black holes of differe...

The Impossible Happens - A Scientist's Personal Discovery of the Extraordinary Nature of Reality Jul 15 2015

Precognitive Dreaming Sometimes people are hit over the head with something seemingly impossible that happens to them and their world is turned upside down in an instant. That is not what happened ...

Human Rights Revisited by Prof. Dr. Jack E. Brush Jul 7 2015

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”—this is without doubt one of the best-known phrases in American history. It is probably safe to assume that almost every American knows the phrase, a...

Meaning in Absurdity - Bernardo Kastrup Jul 6 2015

eBook promotion Extract The calls of the absurd – with their simultaneous contradictoriness, symbolism, and physical reality – have led us to review some of the latest, groundbreaking result...

Parkour and Architecture Jun 8 2015

by Daniel Pavlovits In recent decades a new form of urban exercise and competitive sport has emerged, which bases itself upon the practitioner moving and finding their way through a built environ...