No Time and Nowhere

A Non-Physical World Behind this One

Fergus Hinds

Homemade Academic Circus

Idiosyncratically Embodied Explorations into Artistic Research and Circus Performance

Camilla Damkjaer

In Search of the Common Good

Guideposts for Concerned Citizens

Jack E. Brush

More Than Allegory

On religious myth, truth and belief

Bernardo Kastrup

On Being Human

Distinctiveness, Dignity, Disability & Disposal

Michael N. Marsh

Logic of Enlightenment, The

A Cognitive Theory of Spirituality

Dave S. Henley

In the Absence of Human Beauty

Philosophical Fragments

Matthew Alun Ray

Brief Peeks Beyond

Critical essays on metaphysics, neuroscience, free will, skepticism and culture

Bernardo Kastrup

Upcoming Sages & Scientists event Jul 11 2016

  Iff Books author Bernardo Kastrup will be joining Deepak Chopra and 30 other experts in Los Angeles, California for a 3-day symposium where consciousness and science meet. At Sages &...

Featured book - A New Philosophy of Literature Jun 23 2016

Published in 2012, A New Philosophy of Literature, by Nicholas Hagger explores the fundamental unity of World Literature. In this work of literary Universalism which carries forward the thinking i...

Bernardo Kastrup roundup Jun 13 2016

Bernardo Kastrup is an absolute powerhouse of an author. Here’s what he’s been up to recently... Author interview on tributaries radio - Conquering th...

New for June - Homemade Academic Circus Jun 7 2016

Homemade Academic Circus, by Camilla Damkjaer What happens to the knowledge of the performance theoretician when physically engaging with the circus arts? This book takes its starting point ...

The Fall May 20 2016

UNDERLYING UNHAPPINESS by Steve Taylor Some of us think we can make ourselves happy by becoming rich and successful, by treating ourselves to endless pleasures and amusements, by finding an idea...

Non-materialist philosophers May 13 2016

Here's a photo from an informal gathering of non-materialist philosophers, scientists and scholars hosted by the University of Virginia Medical School, Department of Perceptual Studies. Many new colla...

New for May - In Search of the Common Good May 10 2016

New for May 2016 - In Search of the Common Good, by Jack E. Brush In Search of the Common Good: Guideposts for Concerned Citizens is a sequel to the author’s book Citizens of the Broken Compass:...