No Time and Nowhere

A Non-Physical World Behind this One

Fergus Hinds

Homemade Academic Circus

Idiosyncratically Embodied Explorations into Artistic Research and Circus Performance

Camilla Damkjaer

In Search of the Common Good

Guideposts for Concerned Citizens

Jack E. Brush

More Than Allegory

On religious myth, truth and belief

Bernardo Kastrup

On Being Human

Distinctiveness, Dignity, Disability & Disposal

Michael N. Marsh

Logic of Enlightenment, The

A Cognitive Theory of Spirituality

Dave S. Henley

In the Absence of Human Beauty

Philosophical Fragments

Matthew Alun Ray

Citizens of the Broken Compass

Ethical and Religious Disorientation in the Age of Technology

Jack E. Brush

New review for Homemade Academic Circus Oct 18 2016

MBS Circle Network have reviewed Camilla Damkjaer's Homemade Academic Circus. Here's a quote: "This book questions, and the exegesis it propounds is an art form in itself, but everything is a matt...

In the Absence of Human Beauty Oct 14 2016

This book is a collection of vivid philosophical fragments engaging with ethical and sceptical themes by means of an engagement with several major European thinkers, including Schopenhauer, Nietzsche...

Connect with us on Twitter Oct 7 2016

You can connect with JHP non-fiction on twitter to keep up with news and insights (and we tend to follow back). JHP authors on Twitter: Bernardo Kastrup - htt...

Psychedelics and Nonduality Sep 30 2016

This video comes from The Psychedelic Society's Psychedelics and Nonduality event at Conway Hall on 31st July 2016. Iff author Bernardo Kastrup spoke at the event, and the video below is set to beg...

Forthcoming Non-Fiction Titles Sep 15 2016

Books to look forward to... December 2016 Rise Up - with Wings Like Eagles Discover inner strength and wisdom to transform our relationship with the Earth       &nb...

The Fall Revisited Sep 11 2016

by Steve Taylor The Fall was originally published in the UK in 2005. I started to write it in the summer of 2001 - I have a very vivid memory of taking a break from writing Chapter 4 of the book, s...

More than Allegory: New reviews Aug 30 2016

Published in April 2016, Bernardo Kastrup's More Than Allegory is  a three-part journey into the rabbit hole we call the nature of reality. Its ultimate destination is a plausible, living validation...